Volume 7 – Number 1

A Bladeless Turbine On The Horizon

Wind and solar are currently competitive alternative energy sources primarily because of government tax relief tied to their installation and use.  Storage batteries perhaps need the most improvement but a “bladeless” turbine could be the type of important advancement that reduces installation and production costs, making wind power economically compelling without the benefit of subsidies.

Autonomous Driving May Redefine The Automotive Ecosystem

This McKinsey & Company report is an attempt to predict the implications of self-driving cars on the automotive and directly related industries.  While the net benefits to society are undeniable, the job losses at the lower end of the scale would be a hardship for those who are less-educated.

Interview Of Nobel Prize Winner Daniel Kahneman

Michael Mauboussin interviews Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman. The wide-ranging conversation covers disciplined intuition, causality, base rates, loss aversion and so much more.  The author of highly acclaimed, Thinking Fast and Slow, Kahneman is perhaps the most important psychologist alive today.  This 1 ½ hour video is well worth the time.



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  • It’s an investor’s duty to take the world as it is, not as it should be or could be.

    — James Grant