How is Banyan Capital Management compensated for managing my portfolio?
We charge a fee based on a percentage of the assets we manage.

As a prospective client, will Banyan Capital Management review the status of my current investments?
Upon the request of a prospective client we will provide a free and comprehensive review of their current investment portfolio along with a summary of changes we would make if we were managing their portfolio.

Where are my assets actually held?
Each client’s assets are custodied separately at a brokerage firm or bank. Banyan does not physically handle any client assets. Through limited powers-of-attorney, clients give us the authority to build portfolios on their behalf.

How is my portfolio arranged?
We meet with clients to discuss their investment objectives and draft a personalized statement of investment policy. We complete the paperwork necessary to establish accounts and transfer assets as needed.

My assets are held at several different financial institutions. Can these assets be combined and managed by Banyan?
Yes. Banyan generates the paperwork to have these assets electronically transferred to a single custodian (typically a brokerage firm). We manage the details to ensure that the transition is efficient, accurate and painless to the client.

Is there an up-front charge to get started with Banyan?
Absolutely not. We bill our clients quarterly in advance. Our fee can be either withdrawn from the assets we manage or clients may pay by check.

What if I need to withdraw money from my account?
Simply ask Banyan to have funds withdrawn from the account and forwarded to you. Through the US mail it may take several days for the funds to arrive. Wire transfer and overnight delivery are also available. For those clients who rely on their portfolio for monthly income, we arrange a monthly deposit directly into their checking account.

How will I be notified of activity in my account?
Your custodian will provide notification of each trade in your account as well as a monthly statement detailing all activity. Additionally, you will receive a portfolio review and performance report from Banyan on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, at year-end, we provide a summary of all capital gains and losses to you and your tax professional.

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