Welcome and thank you for considering Banyan Capital Management to help with your investment goals. We are value investors with a long time horizon and a focus on publicly-traded companies. We apply our philosophy to all accounts we manage, whether they are for individuals, foundations, or business retirement plans.


At Banyan we see any problem a client may have not as a burden, but as an opportunity. We are proud of our client retention history. Our clients stay with us because we provide:

  • Direct access to your investment professional
  • Responsive, attentive team
  • A buffer between the client and custodian
  • Commitment to exceptional service


It is our goal to achieve attractive investment returns over the long run. We do this by investing mainly in the stocks of public companies that are trading at a large discount to our estimate of their true value. We do not follow the crowd and we do not obsess over what could possibly happen in the macroeconomic environment. We concentrate on what is knowable and what we do best, which is valuing companies and making well-informed investment decisions for our clients.